Strong Bad - Strong Bad Sings (Cover Artwork)

Strong Bad

Strong Bad Sings (2004)

Harmless Junk, Inc.

Who's Strong Bad? Who's Limozeen? What the hell is this crap? This crap is the best CD to ever come out EVER.

Well maybe it's not that good, and maybe I'm still listening to it for the 3rd time and my opinion is a little biased, but even if you don't dig on Strongbad's email innuendos, the production quality of this album is killer. If you think you're getting the short mp3 versions of these songs off the site, think again, they're longer, funnier, and they're ready to kick your ass.

This album also has 2 songs from long lost band LIMOZEEN. Which strong bad totally didn't makeup, they're real. Their songs are the best in my opinion because they actually sound like they could be 80s metal hair songs.

Even Marizipan gets in on the rock, giving us one Punk Rock inspired "Oh Yeah Yeah."

The thing is, this album has everything for everybody. There are a few on there I don't like but that's me. And okay it's a joke album, but you seriously need it. Like seriously I'm not joking people this is a must have. I highly suggest buying this if you're a Homestar Runner fan, and if you're not, go to the site now and sit there for a few days to get acquainted. But don't expect a secret track, because there isn't one, and it's not hilarious.