JJ's Paradise Players' Club - Wine Cooler Blowout (Cover Artwork)

JJ's Paradise Players' Club

Wine Cooler Blowout (2001)

Tee Pee

The JJ Paradise Players Club rises like a burning phoenix out of the ashes of such luminaries as Unsane, Kiss It Goodbye, Die 116, Hell No, Moses, Shiner and Glazed Baby. For anyone who knows those bands, you know that the Players Club are going to know how to play and they're not here to screw around. "Wine Cooler Blowout" is an absolute tour de force in a post-hardcore/proto-metal destroy-all-your-senses sort of way. If I had to compare, the only thing I can think of is Neurosis meets AC/DC. They have all the chops of both those bands and can easily switch from locked groove to all out noise in seconds (without the nu-metal connotations). They also have that cool rock and roll sleaze factor that makes the listener aware that they haven't lost their sense of humor in the macho world of post H.C./Metal in which they exist. Highly recommended for those who love the heavy stuff and can still think for themselves.