The Hurt Process - Drive By Monologue (Cover Artwork)
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The Hurt Process

Drive By Monologue (2004)



No no no no no no no no no.

This is terrible. Do you hear that sound? It's the scraping of the bottom of the nu-emo barrel. This album is devoid of any originality and talent. Every song on here is a cheap imitation of every other band who has attempted the sing-scream "poor pitiful me, I hate girls" schitck.

While many people will just say "duh, this is a Victory release, of course it's going to suck," the label has had a rather good year up until this point. Surprisingly solid heavy releases from Premonitions Of War and Scars Of Tomorrow as well as a punk rock revival in Madcap actually built up a little faith in the label's new signings. The Hurt Process just threw all that cred out the window.

This sucks.

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