La Motta - Love California (Cover Artwork)

La Motta

Love California (2004)

Does Everyone Stare?

David Lawrence

La Motta's eponymous debut album was an unhurried, three chord affair, with a sunny, feel-good vibe - not unlike the Ramones on Ritalin. Eyebrows raised slightly, therefore, to find that (with the exception of the title track, lifted straight from 'La Motta') this 5 track EP has the TINIEST hint of an axe to grind. I can't say for sure, but I've a suspicion that main-man, Sean Friesen (ex-Asexuals), might have had a beach towel or two pilfered since his band's last release.

Don't get me wrong, LM are still chewin' out a rhythm on their bubblegum, but songs like 'Bondage' and 'Opposites' bounce along with unprecedented urgency, and, given sufficient volume, just might annoy the neighbors. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives cover, 'Safety Operation', slots seamlessly into position, and, courtesy of Friesen's trademark drawl, could easily be mistaken for a La Motta original.

Strictly filler surf punk instrumental, 'Rad Rad World' closes the deal, and in so doing, provides confirmation (as if it was needed) that Sean's been out in the sun too long. Still 4 out of 5 ain't bad.