Books Lie - Hall Of Fame Of Fire (Cover Artwork)

Books Lie

Hall Of Fame Of Fire (2004)

Level Plane

"This band personifies screamo" or "screamo at it's finest" - umm, bullshit. And for the record, I'm completely sick of hearing that word.

Books Lie are 3 savagely barbed guys and one girl from NYC. They play music typical to that of the other bands on level plane. Pissed, artsy, punk rock. this CD contains the "Hall Of Fame Of Fire" album and 10 or so other random tracks. Low, distorted guitars, overpowering bass and drums and screeching vocals. Which has all been done before I know, and most other attempts at it make me cringe at first listen, but Books Lie have been doing it before it was cool, and in turn can now do it well.

Everything about this record looks as if it was meant to weird out the average listener. From the song titles, to the cover art, and the lyrics. If you're not too familiar with this type of music, you'll be hesitant to listen again. If your a fan of the old school san diego scene which started it all (Heroin, Antioch Arrow) or bands like Saetia, Joshua Fit For Battle and strange video game interludes? Ehh, whatever, you will like this. For me, it's a good record. A little tipsy at times but good.