Nora - theneverendingyouline (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


theneverendingyouline (2001)


Most of you hardcore fanatics probably heard Nora when they did a split with the unbelievably popular Dillinger Escape Plan. And let me be honest, I like DEP ok, but they bounce around so much, that there isn't much to listen to so I was actually more impressed with Nora.

It's fully metal-tinged hardcore with horribly pained vocals, and while it doesn't match my favourite Trustkill band, Shai Hulud for emotion, it's quite powerful in it's simplicity.

Let me digress for a second here... being a reviewer sucks a little. Imagine having to explain why you like nuts on your hot fudge sundae. It doesn't really lend itself to explanation, but for some reason, something as personal and artistic as music is supposedly easy to summarize in a few paragraphs?

So, as we back on track here, you might have an idea of how I can't really explain my feelings about this disc. It's short, heavy, and full of screaming. I like it okay, and while it doesn't make my top 5 list or anything, it's definitely fun to blast driving down the highway.