The Jazz June - They Love Those Who Make The Music (Cover Artwork)

The Jazz June

They Love Those Who Make The Music (2001)


When an indie rock band can match any hardcore act pound for pound on intensity and emotion, you know you have something special. Originally out of print on the now defunct Workshop Records, This is the Jazz June record that set the stage for the other amazing albums to come.

Formed in the mid 90's in tiny Kutztown, PA, the band took favorite aspects of indie rock, punk and post hardcore and made it their own. The indie rock sound is evident on "Low End Automatic" then carry over to a pop punk style with "Red Light District" and "The Possibilities Are Endless" to the instrumentals of "Falling Asleep On Lincoln Drive". Each songs precision seems to be countered by just the opposite - the ever-so-often changeups can throw the new listener off a bit, creating a conglomeration of noise and melody as if 5 different bands were to play at once. The guitars are what captivate me here. The leads are relatively simple and melodic, and the rhythm is low and crunchy but never drowns out one another. For the drums, I have to draw a George rebelo comparison with the beat patterns and constant use of cymbals.

The Jazz June have always been about having fun and making their music fun for others to listen to. It still sounds as new as it did 8 years ago.