Good Riddance - Ballads From the Revolution (Cover Artwork)

Good Riddance

Ballads From the Revolution (1997)

Fat Wreck Chords

Once again Good Riddance redefines themselves as the bad boys of the punk/hardcore scene. These Santa Cruz all-stars come out and get in your face with Ballads From the Revolution.

No words could possibly do any justice to this cd...but I'm gonna make a small, feeble attempt.

The cd opens with "Fertile Fields", this song is filled with raw emotion, Chuck Platt and Russ Rankin are incredible and there is now way that their intensity can be described. The next two songs push the hardcore label and then #4 slows it down, but it's pick right back up with "Salt", this song is about something we all hate... jocks. "Waste" is just about as in your face as it comes, Russ screams about his intolerable hatred for slaughterhouses and the people who consume animals. And then they pay tribute to KISS by covering one of their songs. of the best things about this cd is the forward by Russ on the back of the cd booklet. You have to read it...he really blows your mind.

If you don't already have this cd, which everyone should have and therefore this review is totally obselete, grab you keys and make a stop at the bank, grab $20 and go buy it.