Horace Pinker - Red Eyed Regular (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Horace Pinker

Red Eyed Regular (2003)


Pop-punk veterans Horace Pinker released this teaser EP just around a year ago, so I apologize for a review of it coming so late. Wait...the full-length isn't out yet? Oh, nevermind then. Actually, these songs were originally labeled as alternate versions of songs on a following full-length. The idea is apparently scratched however, now that an upcoming 'discography' of B-sides and rarities is in the works.

Nonetheless, Red Eyed Regular is a nice little number that showcases the band's admirably catchy if not completely distraught, emotionally diverse style. The Jawbreaker sound is still slight, but now slowly fading, now that bassist Chris Bauermeister has left, swiftly replaced by Greg Mytych. "More At Home" balances itself between being an uplifting plea and a midtempo beg, while they definitely make a Gazing At Laces cover all their own with their style. The throaty vocals and dirty-sounding chords place a really restrained but at the same time urgent feel to the songs.

However, the last track, a live version of "Brian's Song" recorded at the Groez Rock Festival in Belgium, has horrid quality. It sounds like it was recorded inside of a ditch, with the guitars sounding completely distorted and the vocals giving off a terrible echo.

If you were planning on picking this up, you probably would have by now. For the others, I'm sure there's better stuff worth your time in the back catalog.