Lil' Pocketknife - Pants Control (Cover Artwork)
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Lil' Pocketknife

Pants Control (2004)


"Those affected with A.D.D. are most welcomed."

Look out Missy Elliot, Lil' Kim, and Eve here comes Kristy Geschwandtner! Now there's a name that rolls off your tongue.

Ok, so maybe Kristy's flows can't exactly high-step with those female rappers that take over the radio waves, but with her pals George Patterson on Keytar and Lynnae Burns on Drums Lil' Pocket Knife is dropping some rhymes and phat beats to help you get "jiggy wit it" Indie-style!

Hyperactivity and impulsivity are two of the symptoms of A.D.D. and Lil' Pocketknife's sound has been diagnosed with the disease. Be it the funky intro beat on "East Coast West Coast" that switches back ‘n forth with the deep bass groove or the danceable rhythms coming from the Keytar on "Red Hot."

"I'm only 5'2" and I can conquer you!" declares rapper on the track with the title that's the same as her height and she's right! This group is different, fresh, as well as alluring and they want to vanquish your ear drums. Five songs on this introduction E.P. released by Narnack Records shows a world of unique musical talent for three nerdy San Francisco twenty-somethings. "Pants Control" might not be the next "Chronic" or even the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, but mixing the rap with the nerdcore brings a slab of fun to the table for your ears to take a bite out of.

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