The Evens - live in Philadelphia (Cover Artwork)

The Evens

live in Philadelphia (2004)

live show

That's right, I just got back from a top secret show at the First Unitarian Church. The Evens played a private, personal show to about 30-40 people. It was only their third show ever (well, third and a half as Ian explained).

The Evens are Ian Mackaye and Amy Farina (ex-Warmers). Ian plays a baritone guitar, and Amy plays drums. Their sound doesn't compare to any of Ian's other bands - It's very minimal and quiet, yet very powerful at the same time. The songs varied from very catchy with Ian simply plucking the strings of his guitar with his fingers, to Ian jamming away.

To give you the kind of environment the music portrays - Ian was on a small stage sitting down with his guitar the whole show, and Amy was right next to him with her small drum set.

I went to the show never hearing the Evens before, but I knew I couldn't be dissapoined. Turns out they were amazing. I cannot wait for some kind of release from this band. I found an mp3 of the band when I got home, this is the second song they played: The Evens - On The Face of It

Aside from the show blowing me away, something else caught my attention. IAN MACKAYE IS HILARIOUS. He made many jokes, and had everyone in tears at times just from laughing so hard. This was such a suprise to me - I don't know about all of you, but I always invisioned him as being such a serious person.

P.S. - No, they didn't play "Vowel Movement".