Brodie - The Good Life (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


The Good Life (2003)

Bigmouth JPN

You know this band, there's one in every scene. They're that Pop-Punk band with the catchy songs, all the girls love ‘em, and all the guys claim to be friends with at least one of them. They've made it in the local scene and had it still be 2000 instead of 2004 Brodie would be destined for national success.

"The Good Life" is just another record that Mest, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Home Grown, etc. have already written. Everything about this record just screams cliché Pop-Punk record:

1. The album title is a common phrase.
2. The album cover portrays the band in a satirical / witty pose. Followed by the band's name written in a corny font surrounded by stars.
3. The back cover shows them in their natural habitat.
4. The inside picture is similar to the front image but "Punked out."
5. One of the band members has really spiky hair and another has black fingernail polish.
6. The song titles "This is My Life," "High Standards (She's Out of my League," " and "I'm Sorry Now."
7. The band's logo is more Punk than anything Bad Religion has ever done. In this case a skull with liberty spikes.
8. The lyrics were written by the lead singer's 10 year old cousin. "I'm going to bed / please don't wake me up ‘til Friday night / If you really are my friend / you won't wake me up ‘til Friday night." Or "She's out of my league / I must be out of my mind / I will never end up with a girl that fine / She's out of my league."
9. A slogan that declares this band the finest Punk Rock group in there area.
10. MxPx and Home Grown thanked in the liner notes.