Poulain / Fire When Ready - live in Miami (Cover Artwork)

Poulain / Fire When Ready

live in Miami (2004)

live show

My whole night had been going wrong since the sun went down. Two of the three people that were suppose to go with me to the show couldn't end up going. I decided to make the hour and half drive to West Palm from Miami anyways though, because I had heard great things about Poulain's live show.

My friend and I arrive at the venue about an hour and a half late, but luckily Fire When Ready was just finished setting up. We went to pay our $5 entrance fee and we are told it is a 21 and over show. We were only 18 so we had no choice, but to stand 15 feet away from the door and watch the show from the outside. Coincidentally FWR was playing on the floor right next to the open door and the windows were big enough for us to see the whole band. After FWR first song we knew we were more than willing to stand outside in the cold to see the show. I had never heard of them until the show so I didn't know what to expect. Man was I blown away. They played a somewhat harder rock sound, but with plenty of melody. The build ups in their songs were amazing. Not only was the music on key, but the amount of passion these guys put into their performance was something that is rarely seen anymore. Their full length should be coming out soon, hopefully it will get them the recognition they deserve.

For anyone who hasn't heard of these two bands I strongly urge you to check them out. The drive and the cold I caught were well worth it. Fire When Ready MP3