Some Kind Of Hate - Undisputed (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Some Kind Of Hate

Undisputed (2003)

Bridge 9

You know what; maybe there really is a way for there to be too much of a good thing. Thankfully, Boston's Some Kind Of Hate play fast and to the point enough that getting bored would just about impossible. These guys play straight forward hardcore, in the vein of, well, most of Bridge 9's roster.

While this release doesn't really have any moments that make my jaw drop, or anything overly spectacular, it's still worthy of a listen. The music simply drives and drives on, it's not heavy in the sense of metalcore bands, but it hits harder than most. The band's philosophy isn't hard to find, they don't exactly prattle around with florid metaphors or wordy lyrics. Take the second track for example, the subtly titled "Fuck These People." If the repeated shouting of "fuck you" doesn't get the point across, then nothing will. Fans of Slapshot and earlier Kill Your Idols take note, you'll like this one.

There isn't a whole lot of variety on this album, but the songs fly by so fast that you really don't have time to notice. While musical diversity might not be this band's strong suit, I'd rather hear them do one style well than awkwardly try to branch out in an a half-hearted attempt to broaden their fan base.

Pretty much, if you like this kind of stuff, I'd recommend at least checking out a couple songs. This is an album that oozes with tenacity and just makes you want to get up and do something. The first time I heard this I ended up rearranging my room. I don't see this band bringing loads of new fans into hardcore or being any sort of gateway band, but most fans will probably appreciate this release. Ground breaking? No. Good, pissed off hardcore? Yes.