Various - The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show (2003)


Years in the making, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has finally gone punk rock.

[Of course, I always thought the thing already *was* punk rock. Shows what I know.]

Contained on this compilation are 19 bands doing their damnedest to re-create the entire film, note for note, character by character. Some do better than others. Some do much better than others. But while a number of songs suffer from sub-par recordings [or sub-par arrangements], there are some highlights:

  • The Groovie Ghoulies' version of "The Time Warp" is exactly what you think it would sound like. If you're unfamiliar with the band, think Billy Corgan fronting a pop-punk band.
  • After each listen of "Sweet Transvestive," I'm convinced that it's actually an Apocalypse Hoboken song that was co-opted for the movie. This song suits them so well [and it's one of the best-recorded ones out of all of them].
  • The 1-2 punch of Tsunami Bomb and Luckie Strike is a definite gem on the disc, with a much-needed female presence dominating over most of the boys here.
  • The Dan-sung Alkaline Trio contribution "Over At The Frankenstein Place" is one of the most ambitious songs the band's ever done. I've rarely heard the group this majestic. Unfortunately, their song leaves quite a bit to be desired in the production department.
  • Big D and the Kids Table's injection of some laid back ska flavor into "Once In A While" is a welcome breath of fresh air on a CD dominated by similar-sounding [to put it nicely] pop-punk acts.
The comp isn't perfect [why Chris Murray's version of "Science Fiction Double Feature" wasn't used over the Ataris' is beyond me], but there's enough big names on here [and enough smaller names pulling their weight] to make this worthwhile. But just barely.