Blue Monday - What's Done Is Done (Cover Artwork)
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Blue Monday

What's Done Is Done (2003)

Perfect Victim

If the first thing you thought of when read this band's name was that shitty cover that Orgy did a few years, please forfeit ten scene points and hang your head in shame. Now that we've gotten that out the way, I can tell you about this nice album from Vancouver's very own, Blue Monday.

Blue Monday play a style of hardcore that gives nod to the 80's as well as more modern bands. These guys would fit in well on the Indecision Records roster. Their no nonsense style of hardcore, with slight touch of melody here and there conjures up memories of the dearly missed Count Me Out. Yes, this is another straight edge hardcore band, but you probably already guessed that. Still, the music is enjoyable, even if the lyrics don't mesh with your own personal beliefs. This band is just what the doctor ordered if you're looking for something angry to let off some steam.

I think that this album could have benefited from a slight upgrade in production. Not that I want everything to be slick sounding and perfect, as overproduction can rip the heart right out of a record. I just wish this recording sounded a little crisper; the guitars in particular come off sounding a bit dull. This takes some of the energy away from a band that thrives on it. I imagine that these songs would sound much better live.

Production issues aside, if you like just about any straight up hardcore band on the Indecision roster; I can't see any for you not to enjoy Blue Monday. Interesting side note: this band's label used to be called Stab And Kill Records. I can't decide if that the most awesome or most hilarious record label name, perhaps it's both. All I know is that I have a Stab And Kill sticker on my door. Change the name back, guys, come on.