A Wilhelm Scream - Mute Print (Cover Artwork)
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A Wilhelm Scream

Mute Print (2004)


A Wilhelm Scream is a breath of fresh air into the punk rock scene today. Equal parts Hot Water Music and Good Riddance, the band rips through 11 tracks and never looks back. This is melodic punk rock with influences all across the board, wrapped up into one of the best half hours of this year thus far. The tempos are breakneck, the harmonies are crystal clear, the metal riffing isn't cliche, the palm muting is perfect, the breakdowns are inventive - I could go on all day.

Common themes running through the album include violence and drinking, and the consequences of both. The album's peak is "The Rip" [if you haven't had the MP3 of this playing nonstop over the past month, what's wrong with you?], but other standout tracks include "Anchor End" and "Retiring," all three being excellent examples of all the qualities I listed in the prior paragraph. Nothing here sounds trite, nor do you ever get the feeling that "this has been done before."

A Wilhelm Scream is poised to be 2004's Strike Anywhere or Rise Against - two bands that prior to their latest albums, showed massive amounts of potential and were poised to break nationally; once released both became the new "hot" band on the tips of everyones' tongues. Mute Print is such a solid, original album that there is no reason A Wilhelm Scream shouldn't blow up. This record will end up becoming one of the staples on "Best Of 2004" lists worldwide. It's not 100% perfect, but it's damn close.

Famous Friends and Fashion Drunks
The Rip