Evil Beaver - Pleased to Eat You (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Evil Beaver

Pleased to Eat You (2003)

Johanns Face

Wow. Music has reached an all time low with this record. What we have here is an all girl duo, bass and drums. Only she mostly plays chords on the bass. And has it run through heavy distortion. So it sounds exactly like a guitar. it's supposed to be heavy sounding, but what we're left with is a very un-energetic pile of slop. Sure, I'm intrigued by songs with titles like "Ass Salad' and "You Suck! Sucker," but that doesn't mean that the songs are good. I mean, I enjoy chants of "if you do not like the weather, you may wear a sweater" just as much as the next guy, but I'm pretty sure that the next guy doesn't like it either.

I guess you could say this sounds like Courtney Love got too lazy to actually write music for more than one instrument. The vocals sound like the poor girl has throat cancer.

But I shouldn't be one to judge. This is two girls out making music the way they want to, on their own terms, trying to breakdown typical stereotypes for girls in bands. Only they make bad music.

I'm sure it might be fun to see them live. There are some really interesting bass riffs and I wanna see if they can pull it off on stage. But stay away from this record. Stay far, far away.