Various - Warped Tour 2001 (Cover Artwork)


Warped Tour 2001 (2001)


Here's a little preview of what most of you will be stealing come punk rock summer camp.

  • Rancid - 'Sick, Sick World' Hard fuckin' Core
  • Bouncing Souls - 'Ballad of Johnny X' a Souls classic, great song
  • New Found Glory - 'So Many Ways' this band is closing in on the Ataris' world record of 'number of songs about chicks'. this is number 200, I think. Pretty good compared to the rest of their new album.
  • Anti-Flag - 'Zapista,Don't Give Up' Pretty powerful song from these political Pittsburgh punkers.
  • Madcap - 'Going on the Road' very bad, very annoying.
  • AFI - 'A Winter's Tale' this is a poppier side of AFI I haven't heard in a while. Pretty decent song, though more hardcore would have been to my liking.
  • Bigwig - 'Sink or Swim' this song made me go into my parents room and start moshing, then do a couch dive onto the tv, then smash the car parked in my space with a baseball bat. If there's a better song, I haven't heard it!
  • Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies - 'Don't let the sun go down on me' pretty good cover of Elton John. I'm still waiting on them to cover Raffi songs.
  • H2O - 'Unwind' How the hell did this get left off the new album. Too good I guess. Rockin song.
  • Midtown - 'Get it Together' If Weezer were punk, they'd be Midtown. Really good pop-punk with cool changes and a really cool intro.
  • Vandals - 'S.W.M' Great song from the best band ever. Hilarious. It also features a touch-tone phone solo!
  • Swingin' Utters - 'The Lonely' It is immpossible for this band to write a bad song. They didn't start here. An instant Utter classic.
  • Flogging Molly- 'Rebels of the Sacred Heart' I have seen the future of music, and Flogging Molly be thy name. This was recorded live on the radio, and it rules. Where's me Guinness?
  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones - 'Providence is...' No Ska, No Horns, sounds alot like Dropkick Murphy's. Pretty awesome song.
  • Tsunami Bomb - 'Take the Reigns' I don't know a damn thing about this band, but this song is pretty damn good. But, why must every chick singer in punk music sound like Tilt? It really is a mystery to me.
  • The Ataris - 'Looking back on Today' Acoustic, about a girl. Decent. They just regained the lead from NFG.
  • No Use For A Name - 'Enjoy the Silence- No use for this song. I love NUFAN, but this is a bland song by their standards. You might like it.
  • Kill Your Idols - 'Hippie Song' Cant understand a word, vocals sound like an old lawnmower, but the music is pretty cool old school punk rock.
  • The Casualties - 'Fight For Your Life' If you can get past the intro, this song is pretty good old school too. Start pounding your fist now to save some time.
  • The Living End - 'Sleep On It' Never liked this band, they're talented, but I just don't like 'em. This song sounds poppier than their old stuff, no suprise there. Still, not a great song by any means.
  • Lost City Angels - 'Edge of 21' Imagine Swingin' Utters meets Saves the Day. Emo-Street-Pop-Punk! You'll just have to hear it, cause that makes no sense.
  • Buck-O-Nine - 'Something to Find' Again, no ska and no horns from a ska band. I'm not complaining, pretty good song.
  • Sum 41 - 'Tables Have Turned' Recorded live. Pathetic attempt at hardcore. It's only 45 seconds, so the pain doesn't last long.
  • Deviates - 'Chaos' Fucking awesome song. Dark, fast, and plenty of changes. The more I listen to Deviates, the more I likes.
  • Autopilot Off - 'Indebted' Awesome song with 'major' sound from the artists formerly known as Cooter. Does this mean my Cooter shirt will be worth something one day?
  • Agent 51 - 'Radiation Nation' Good old school style punk with a catchy chorus. I like these guys.

    Why there are songs on here from bands not even on the tour, I don't know, but almost all of these songs are unrelesed and there are very few bad ones. The best comp I've bought in a while, although I will say that if it weren't for my extreme addiction to new music, I never would have bought it. Distract the guys at the Vans booth by setting your arm on fire, then have your buddy fill his backpack with shit. Works every time. By the way, I could use some new shoes.