Fire Divine - It's All A Blur (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Fire Divine

It's All A Blur (2004)

Deep Elm

Fire Divine is composed of former members from June Spirit and A Life Once Lost. You would be safe to assume that the group continues the "Emo" sound that those bands were known for. Mix that with a pinch of aggressive Rock guitars and you've got a respectable debut E.P. in "It's All a Blur."

"Clark and Rightwood" christens this vessel with clamorous upbeat guitars and appealing chorus lines. The same pattern is used on "Reputation Outlives Application" but the background screaming glued on top of the harmonies destroy any hope for innovation. The quintet wanted us to know that they all have "Pinkerton" in their CD racks, with "We Ride on Sunbeams" pleading for the comparison. As the title hints this is a perfect song for a cool spring afternoon drive. Combining the intensity of the earlier tunes and the sweet melodies of the former "Smoke and Mirrors" ends the past fifteen minutes with anything but a blur.

There's a lot of flair and promise within this four song debut. By way of a few minor tweaks, harnessing a definite sound and getting rid of the annoying "Screamo" tendencies this band will eventually release a respected full length.