Street Trash - Street Trash (Cover Artwork)
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Street Trash

Street Trash (2004)


Hardcore punk seems to be a dying breed of music these days. Thankfully, there are still a few bands out there that have started a new hardcore punk flame that will hopefully continue to spread. Street Trash is one of these bands. As you no doubt have already guessed, Street Trash play abrasive, raw hardcore punk to the tenth degree in the vein of bands like Minor Threat, Verbal Abuse, DRI, Bad Brains, and many others.

What separates this band from their hardcore forefathers is the unique sound of their vocalist and the refreshingly physical prescence of the album itself. The band really brings their chaotic live performance to this 7 song, ten minute speed demon of a record, which is a hard thing for a hardcore punk band to accomplish successfully. The production is clear and audible and LOUD, yet the playing is as raw and abrasive as possible. Their vocalist can be loosely compared to Refused's vocalist, but very loosely, only in tone. He really has a sound of his own and it really gives the record a biting edge. As far as favorite tracks go, it's hard for me to choose since the album is really just an experiance from start to finish, but I will say that the tracks "What The Shit?" and "Street Trash" really caught me.

This album is just a sweet, quick taste of what these guys have in store for us. Their live show is spectacular as well, I had the pleasure of seeing them open for F-Minus this past July and I must say that, despite the poor 40 person attendance at the Troubadour, they brutalized the place. The lead singer's physical prescence can only be compared to currently Casey Chaos, and maybe a young Henry Rollins or Iggy Pop. Thoroughout their live performance he is constantly jumping off things and attacking the audience, despite his small stature - it's quite an intense sight. Order this album and see them live soon, you won't be disappointed.