Shotpointblank - Kill...[breath]...Kill (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Kill...[breath]...Kill (2003)

Surprise Attack


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the prime example of why hardcore should only be done by the professionals. They offer nothing musically appealing. The bass plays the same exacts notes that the guitar is power chording, FOR THE ENTIRE ALBUM. I swear there isn't one hint of harmony on the entire album. The drums are sloppy and off most of the time. Boo hiss boo.

This band would do better marketing itself as a nü-metal band. Lyrically, you couldn't get more cliché: "Living my own life. Do things my own way. Don't waste your fucking breath. Nothing you can say will ever..." and here's where the song "Intro" transitions into "No Apologies," including a spiffy lyrical transition. Ready for it? Here we go: "Bring me down. I'm proud of who I fuckin' am. I'm proud of who I'm gonna be. You can't bring me down. I'm proud of who I fuckin' am. I make no apologies so fuck you." Do I even have to say anything about that? It speaks for itself in my book.

It's not that I hate hardcore. I don't. I like hardcore. I just can't stand terrible hardcore bands more than anything. Every one of these songs sounds exactly the same. I could probably make better music by shoving a trumpet up my ass. At least it would be something new. Unless there's some sort of association for ass-trumpeters.

I think this band could cover Trapt's "Headstrong" without having too much difficulty. And I think that says enough about this record.