Bagheera - Twelves (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Twelves (2004)

Asian Man

In the same nature as Mates of State, Bagheera introduce themselves as a male / female rock duo. Theodore Moll (MU330, Climber) and Heather Dallape (Climber) recorded thirteen dynamically crafted Indie-pop songs for their debut on Asian Man Records "Twelves."

This pair is going to pull resemblances to the aforesaid Mates of State, along with Rainer Maria, Flaming Lips, etc. While Bagheera collects the upbeat glory of those acts they're not just a second rate cover band. Exploring a broad scope of the musical spectrum, a third of this toe-tapping disc could be classified as "experimental." When lyrics of love, nostalgia, and sci-fi won't suffice why not express instrumentally? Moll and Dallape deliver everything from charming vocal harmonies, bouncy guitar riffs, Punk bass lines, and even some electronic bells and whistles!

Bagheera isn't as cute and probably won't be considered as hip, when compared to their peers. But they've got the talent and the spunk to one day be found in "Listening to: " on everyone's LiveJournal. Till then, just relax and enjoy what this twosome has to offer.