Snapcase - Designs for Automotion (Cover Artwork)


Designs for Automotion (2000)


Mike Olley

Snapcase is a band with a message: be yourself. Eleven great hardcore songs drive this into your head as it thrashes with the music. For these five guys from Buffalo, the themes of individuality and self actualization are woven into the fabric of their music...and rest is immaterial.

Designs for Automotion is Snapcase's third release, coming three years after Progression Through Unlearning , which put them at the forefront of the hardcore punk scene. While they and their critics acknowledge that their music is not the most impressive part of their act, it more than does the job. More than anything else, Snapcase has gained respect for their "practice what you preach" attitude.

On Designs for Automotion , Snapcase experiments with different rhythms and dynamics to produce an album with good variety, while still maintaining a very hardcore feel. Songs like "Bleeding Orange," and "Break the Static" stand out in this regard, with interesting mid-song switches in rhythm and style. Nonetheless if you like no nonsense hardcore music mixed with your no nonsense message, Snapcase and Designs for Automotion delivers. Even if you are not a punk/hardcore fan, there is one thing we can all take from Snapcase: create your own design.