Sherwood - Sherwood (Cover Artwork)
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Sherwood (2004)


Summer in California has to be hell. What would bring one to sing so much about the season that beats down on you like a whip-toting slave master? And in California?!?! Maybe it's because vocalist Nate Henry believes "the summer sends its love to you, the same as every year," as he sings in the lead track, "The Summer Sends Its Love." The melodic power-pop quintet takes the serious side of the style, as opposed to the geek rock-influenced, simply playing sweet, midtempo melodies in the vein of the Rocket Summer. Sherwood uses strong vocals, soft organs, and a clicking technique with the drumsticks to try and divert from any cheesiness that easily results from the type of music. The seasonal theme of the whole thing is thrown in your face, but in a roundabout way; the seriousness of every line is up to the listener to decide. "(Anything) You Choose" hails summer as the season to do anything you want and generally be a free spirit. But the lyrics end with the forewarning "but there is much sarcasm to be found in these lines." If nothing else, the EP is damn catchy, and the band has a lot of fresh ideas slowly being brought to the table. MP3s
"The Summer Sends Its Love"
"Please Wait Up For Me"