Mumbler - The Winter of Our Discontent (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


The Winter of Our Discontent (2003)


It's raw, it's sloppy, it's gritty, it's six songs on a 45 sized 33, it's unimaginative, it's cliché, it's the same damn tempo every damn song, it's the same damn 4-5 chords reorganized, it's the off pitch vocals, it's the fact that they call themselves pop-punk on their website, it's the fact that they've broken up before their release gets reviewed.

That being said, it's also catchy, and entertaining. Sure the bass and guitar follow the exact same chords in every song, sure the drums aren't anything new, sure the lyrics are boring, but they really are heartfelt: "I wrote this song in a basement/these are the kids for whom it is meant/the dumb the ugly the drunk and the dirty/the ones who never fit in just like me."

I guess the best thing you can say about this record is that anyone could have made it, but you didn't, and they did. Plus, it's short.