Various - No-Fi Trash (Cover Artwork)


No-Fi Trash (2000)

Floppy Cow

Floppy Cow Records (great name) is out of Switzerland, and they put out a helluva comp. It opens with a kick ass Whippersnapper song, and goes on to belt out nearly every style of punk rock imaginable. You get your pop-punk songs(The Masked Animals, Allister), you get your so-cal style songs (Lagwagon, Cooter) you get your hardcore (Hot Water Music, Staring Back) and you even get a couple of terrible style songs (Get Up Kids, Anniversary, Promise Ring, New Found Glory). The best songs on this sampler comes from the Impossibles (sounds just like Weezer) No Fun At All (sounds like good Pennywise) the Fairlanes (sounds like everyone else in pop-punk) and No Motiv (sounds like emo with balls). Other good ones are the Gamits,Sarge,and Useless ID. This comp is worth every penny of the 6$ i paid for it, and it's got a wide varitety of punk and emo. Good Job Floppy Cow.