Bouncing Souls/Hot Water Music/Grey Area - live in Philadelphia (Cover Artwork)
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Bouncing Souls / Hot Water Music / Grey Area

live in Philadelphia (2004)

live show

If a show could be explained through a one-word-sexually-related episode, this one would simply be: "Boner".

The drive from Richmond to Philly is always interesting. It's either smooth sailing, or a traffic clusterfuck. Going up-clusterfuck, coming back- smooth sailing.

Anyways, the Souls' were having a 2-night stand at the Trocadero in Philly's Chinatown. I went for both nights, night-1 featuring Let It Burn, The Unseen, Avail, and the Souls'. Great night, great fun, except for the moronic 13-year old chicks bitching about Avail. Whatever.

But on to my original topic, night-dos. I missed the Loved Ones, and am truly pissed. For those unaware, the Loved Ones features members of Paint It Black, Kid Dynamite and Trial By Fire. If anyone caught the set, please feel free to comment, I'd love to hear.

I did catch Grey Area, playing their second reunion show in just over a year. The set was much tighter than last year's at the Kid Dynamite reunion. And seemingly much longer. At the conclusion of the set, as equipment was being taken down, the crowd went so nuts begging for one more song, that the drums were actually reassembled for an impromptu version of the classic token entry cut "Birthday", complete with a monstrous superman-stage dive from Ernie. Highlights: Sour Grapes, Colossus, Birthday… whole fucking set.

Hot Water Music made the drive up from the Salad Days studio in Maryland for the night of fucking rock. In case you haven't received the memo, phone call or email, Hot Water Music is one of the best live bands on the fucking planet. From the opening of "Remedy", through several new songs played, all the way to closing with "Turnstile", Hot Water Music did nothing more than further contribute to the above-referenced wood.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something. On night-1, the Souls announced that the 2-nights in Philly were for the recording of a live album. Yippy-kaye-yay motherfuckers. Night one was a lot of newer material ("How I…", "Anchors"). Night 2-old shit. Hell's yeah…

I love the way you Philly kids get into shows. It always brings a smile to my face. But seeing your reactions to old Bouncing Souls material, amazing. Every single one of you were pumping your fist and screaming your lungs out to "Joe Lies", "Ballad Of Johnny X", "Argyle", "Kate is Great" and so many others. This was by far an incredible night. Maybe I sound a little sappy, but with all the bullshit I see in music today, this was about as pure as it gets. Good music, good people, and even lunch at Geno's. Rock out with your cock out.