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Kidz Bop 4 (2003)

Razor & Tie

When our generation of Punk Rock is inscribed into the music history books there are going to be a select few albums that are considered classics and must haves. There will be Jawbreaker's "24 Hour Revenge Therapy," Bad Religion's "Suffer," "Dookie" by Green Day, "And Out Come the Wolves" from Rancid and of course "Kidz Bop 4."

Right away the Hardcore Punk song "Sk8ter Boi" redefines the entire genre as we know it. Kidz Bop gives no time for preparation as they attack you with this instant classic. The stellar hit contains hot guitar licks, insanely tight musicianship, and the perfect formula for success in the judicious music industry. Following the album's first single is a song about living the Gutter Punk life in the streets of New York appropriately titled "Jenny from the Block." During "Bring Me To Life" the band raises the bar once again with Heavy Metal guitar riffs that will leave your head ringing for days.

"The Anthem" the record's stand out track emphasizes the current political fiasco revolving around the Middle East. The amazing tempo changes backed by some of the most articulate lyrics ever written will have you singing along in no time ¬ "This is the anthem / Throw all your hands up / Yoooooooou! / Don't wanna be you!"

Even though Kidz Bop may scare you into thinking they're Punk Rock elitists, they mellow out and show the Emo scene what's up with the instant mix tape hit "Cry Me A River." Vocal ranges are reached at new highs and lows as tears roll down your face from this passionate song. The Operation Ivy styled "The Ketchup Song" revives the Ska scene into it's blistering form of 1997. Finishing off this epic release is "The Middle" a true emotional breakdown for any fan of this band who has followed the record so closely.

I can't stress how imperative Kidz Bop 4 is to Punk Rock. If you don't own this album it's basically like trying to survive without air. Hurry to your local mom and pop record shop and pick this up so you'll know what all the kids are talking about at the show tonight.

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Sk8ter Boi
All I Have
All I Have
I'm Gonna Getcha Good