Social Distortion - Live at the Roxy (Cover Artwork)

Social Distortion

Live at the Roxy (1998)

Time Bomb

As you can see, this could easily be Social D's greatest hits album. It was recorded over three days, and the sound quality is better than any other live punk album I've heard. Social D's song selection for the album is perfect, spanning every album of their 18 year career(in 1998 anyway). The highlights include 'Mommy's Little Monster', which is one of the greatest punk songs of all time,'Bad Luck','Dont Drag Me Down', the best song from "White Light..", and the finale, Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire'. Mike Ness's between-song comments are great, solidifying his status as a Punk God. This is the perfect album for the Social Distortion fan who wants all their best songs in one package. It's also perfect for the first time Social Distortion listener. My life won't be complete until I see this band, but this album does a great job of tiding me over. So, what the fuck are you waiting for? Get off your ass and go get the best live punk rock album ever released.

  1. Story of My Life
  2. Bad Luck
  3. Under My Thumb
  4. Prison Bound
  5. Mommy's Little Monster
  6. Mass Hysteria
  7. The Creeps
  8. Another State of Mind
  9. Let It Be Me
  10. No Pain, No Gain
  11. Cold Feelings
  12. Telling Them
  13. I Was Wrong
  14. 1945
  15. Dont Drag Me Down
  16. Ball and Chain
  17. Ring of Fire