Rookie [NH] - Acoustic (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Rookie [NH]

Acoustic (2004)


Normally, the band Rookie revels in its self-proclamation of a pop-punk style that basically rips off Midtown. So, the band decided that just in case they're ever noticed by Drive-Thru, they already have one-sixth of their contractual obligations fulfilled with this acoustic EP. Eye-rollingly derivative of (better) projects like Saves the Day's I'm Sorry I'm Leaving and The Starting Line's Make Yourself Home, but slower, Rookie provide something to cry yourself to sleep to at night, if nothing else. The lead vocalist swaps tracks for the four-song disc with another band member. The whiny vocals on several parts in "Callahanian Morning" reach nasal proportions, but I'll be damned if the sophomoric chorus line of "promises I made to you / they all mean nothing now / and when I say I love you / you rip my heart right out" wasn't stuck in my head after just a listen or two. The same vocalist sings the strongest track, "I Pleeed Da Fif," two songs later and it's definitely an improvement within the EP itself. The surprise screams echoing the "hold me down" line work oddly well. Weird how both things worked out, but they get major points for the Chapelle Show reference. It was only recorded in a day or so, and not exactly on the most professional quality, so their leeway is granted there. But in future endeavors, better things could potentially come. Like, plugging in their guitars.