The Mountain Goats - We Shall All Be Healed (Cover Artwork)

The Mountain Goats

We Shall All Be Healed (2004)


To start off with, I'd like to say that if I could re-name this album, I wouldn't. But if I had to, I would for sure call it "Tallahasse part two" because to me, that's what it is. Despite everything I heard about this album prior to its release it was a lot different then I expected. Mainly because some interviews and discussion made it sound like this album would be the darkest of all The Mountain Goats albums, which it isn't at all.

The album, if anything - is more upbeat and good for a bike ride or walk when the sun is out, although some of the tracks would fit moody weather and a sore mood pretty well.

I got this album the first friday after its release date and never really got around to listening to it. But on a bike ride with a friend I went through the whole thing, many times. Now if you're a Mountain Goat fan you and I both know John Darnielle is a mere genious. We also know that most likely anything this man does musically will be good, so of course going into the album I already knew it would be good. Returning with a full band and a complete studio sound this album will feel better on your ears then some of his earlier lo-fi albums (even though those are some of the best albums around, pick one up!).

Everything on this album reminds me a world of Tallahassee, even the cover art and CD case. But more importantly the mood of the CD. Ranging from happy rants, to sad ones, to even religous ones. I enjoyed this album a lot and would recomend it to anyone who's just getting into the Mountain Goats. Start out with tracks 2, 4, or 13, they should give you a basic feel. Im not saying this is his best work, but it's for sure not his worst. Like I've said before, it's basically the second part of Tallahassee which of course, is also great. But it's no "All Hail West Texas".