Favez - Bellefontaine Avenue (Cover Artwork)


Bellefontaine Avenue (2004)


Based out of Lausanne Switzerland, Favez has been around for years and could be described as one of those bands that has achieved a lot by working very hard. After years of constantly touring and several acclaimed releases this is their latest album out on the Hamburg based Sticksister Records. In the past Doghouse has been able to put out the band's most recent releases in the United States and lucky enough the album hit the US stores last month.

Due various (including unintended) reasons the album was engineered and produced by the band itself, while recent releases were recorded in New York with producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Patti Smith). It is obvious to hear the band has taken her time for pre-production and recording. The production suits the music and could be simply described as amazing. Also getting it mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound NY could be considered as a good decision and gave the recordings a magic final touch.

The album opens with the single 'Emmanuel Hall', which has such a sincere emotional feeling to it that it will leave you breathless after it's first listen. Everything about this song is amazing. The vocal lines are well written and the building structure from the smooth start into it bursting ending are amazingly composed. There is no comment to be made about the pop sensibility but the genuine feeling is what makes the song such a big hit and will have you hum it in no time!

'Bellefontaine Avenue' is an obvious follow-up to the 2002 release 'From Lausanne, Switzerland'. Once again we get a masterpiece delivered that is able to live up to its expectations. The album has 11 songs that are full of emotion, passion but also aggression. With some of the best guitar-riffs you can imagine and brilliant lyrics/vocals the band gives you the best parts out of post-hardcore, emotional rock and pop. Thoughtful lyrics that cover many different subjects and the variation of song structures and styles are proof of the fact that Favez can't be labeled into any genre and has never been afraid of experimentation. With influences and inspiration drawn by such legends including MC5, Jawbox and Quicksand in combination with their own creativity they have always seem to be capable to write albums that are full of variation. With their latest effort they made no exception and created something that's interesting to any lover of honest rock music.