Lagwagon - Trashed (Cover Artwork)


Trashed (1994)

Fat Wreck Chords

Let's talk about "Trashed", if you weren't fortunate enough to pickup on "Duh", you should've most definitly picked up on "Trashed".

Lagwagon came out and polished themselves up just a tad bit and still kept the raw sound which was there trademark. The guitar riffs are cleaner and a bit harder (they had to be to keep up with Derrick Plourde and his magical drumset.) Joey Cape is poetic and proves himself and as a talented songwriter, while Lagwagon proved themselves to be one of the big guns in Fat Mike's closet.

"Stokin the Neighbors", "Rust", "Lazy", "Dischords", "No one", "Bye for now"...i'm not going to list the entire tracklist for those who don't have enough common sense to own this landmark cd.

Forget this ten nonsense...I give this cd a 15. "Trashed" is what punk is supposed to sound like... end of story.