Pinhead Gunpowder - Goodbye Ellston Avenue (Cover Artwork)

Pinhead Gunpowder

Goodbye Ellston Avenue (1997)


daz dog

Many people see the band as Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day's other band and from listening to this you cant really argue against that even though he didn't write any lyrics on this record, he sings on every song. The general sound is very much like early Green Day and the general East Bay sound, songs like Song Of My Returning or High Maintenance wouldn't look out of place on Slappy, Kerplunk or even Dookie.

It starts with "Life During Wartime" which is has a catchy hook that is easy to sing along to and even though it only lasts for under two minutes it is one of the longest songs on the album and also one of the best. "Song Of My Returning" is probably my favourite song here and is easily the poppiest one and it actually hits the three minute mark.

Lyrically the song "Brother" is unrivaled its just a bitter angry song and is great to listen to when you're pissed off even though musically it's not that great, but it doesn't need to be with lyrics like " every under dog must have his day, so you'd better stay the hell out of my way, cause this dog's day is coming soon...." Other highlights are "I Walk Alone" and "Train Station" in fact I don't think there's a bad song on here, at least not bad enough to skip the track.

Goodbye Ellston Avenue is probably Pinhead's most pop-like record which is absolutely fine in my opinion, its short, sharp and punchy, a real easy record to listen to. Many people may argue and slag me off for this but it sounds like it could easily be a Green Day EP. Which isn't a bad thing at all. If you've never heard this band before and only heard of them I would suggest you start on this album.