With Honor - Heart Means Everything (Cover Artwork)

With Honor

Heart Means Everything (2004)


In the short two years since the band's inception, With Honor have made quite a name for themselves. Featuring members of Hamartia and In Pieces, With Honor have quickly become one of the most talked about bands in the Connecticut hardcore community. With 'Heart Means Everything', their first full length, CT's best kept secret has finally leaked out.

The 5 song demo released last year by Stillborn Records is what first introduced me to the band, and I was blown away by how energetic it was. The most prominent feature of With Honor's sound is their incredible sing alongs (somewhat similar to those of Comeback Kid). The backing vocals are in your face, and they turn already great songs into instantly memorable tracks that you'll find yourself singing no matter where you are. The strong back-ups aren't the only things driving these songs however, as the powerful drumming and speeding guitar melodies truly stand out and make you take notice.

The songs include the standard breakdowns and double bass pedal assaults, but don't let that fool you into thinking that With Honor's sound is generic, because they truly stand out from the pack. Stand out songs on the album for me are "Rethink, Return", "With The Wind", and "All Hope Aside". The lyrics range from straight edge pride, to broken friendships, to reminders that "you're not alone" in life's struggles. If you like hardcore, you have no excuse not to at least give these guys a listen.

MP3 - Bridges & Gaps