Diesel Boy - Rode Hard and Put Away Wet (Cover Artwork)

Diesel Boy

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet (2001)

Honest Don's

Well let's start off here explaining some history upon Diesel Boy (In case you're unaware). These guys have been rockin since the early 90's, but realeasing there first album Cock Rock not until 1996. Following of which came along Venus Envy, and SofaKingCool in 1998 & 1999... but up to now Rode Hard And Put Away Wet (Realeased Feb. 2001) is yet their most energizing album yet! Diesel Boy is known for there comical poppy punk music... I mean yeah, they have there times where they like to play there softer songs, but hey these guys know how to rock!

Rode Hard And Put Away Wet (in my opionon) is the best album put out by Honest Don's so far next to Nerf Herder's How To Meet Girls. If anyone owns any of the earlier Diesel Boy albums, I would strongly recommend this album, you'll love it! Well gettin' into the album, Diesel Dave really shows his talent as his lyrics have gotten more edgy and rough, yet softened up like in track #5 "About A Girl That Don't Want Me" & track #13 "Waltz Of A Disappearing Girl". The songs that really stand out from this album with the pounding sounds from Geoff Lackey (drums), and Justin Werth (guitar) are tracks #3 "Emo Boy" & #7 "Pocket Full Of Stars"... everytime I hear these songs I just wanna jump around and jam on my air guitar and bash into walls (may work for you too)

Overall I gave Rode Hard And Put Away Wet a 9, because no album is perfect, but I tell ya what this one is damn close! So search under your couch & your bed, sell your old baseball cards and raise up some money and purchase this CD as soon as possible! You will not regret it...