Sicko - You Can Feel The Love in This (Cover Artwork)


You Can Feel The Love in This (1994)


God appeared before me in a dream last night. He told me what my purpose for being on this planet was. To spread the word that there are pop-punk bands actually worth listening to.

Sicko, a three piece from Washington, is pop-punk at it's best. Sometimes deep, sometimes funny,always catchy. This album has fast,mid-tempo, and slow songs. All are extremely well written and each member of Sicko are good musicians.They also use the Ramones style of recording the bass through the right speaker and the guitars through the left. "MySon","Sprinkler","Sprawling","Where I Live", and "Beam Me Up Denny" are my favorite songs, along with their cover of the Indigo Girls' 'Closer to Fine'. I heard somewhere that Sicko has broken up, but I haven't heard anything to back that up.

Pop-punk isn't idiots bouncing around on MTV smashing stuff to quirky guitar lines. It IS a good type of music, that has been under alot of fire lately. Before you write off pop-punk, check out Sicko. Why?.... 'cause God said so.