Ace Troubleshooter - It's Never Enough (Cover Artwork)

Ace Troubleshooter

It's Never Enough (2004)

Tooth & Nail

When I found this CD, I was very surprised. I figured they weren't "good" enough to have their CD at Wal-Mart.

At first when I listened to this I didn't like it a whole lot, but the second time I listened to it, I was hooked. This is such an excellent CD. Most of their songs are about love but there are a lot of "hidden" Christian messages in them and some that are more obvious such as in the songs "Anything" and "My Defense". The name Ace Troubleshooter means that they are excellent at helping people with their problems and they have finally lived up to that. Even since the Back To The Shootin' Match era they haven't really been able to live up to that name. They finally have. Their last album The Madness Of The Crowds was good but wasn't enough (hey maybe that's where they got the name for the new album). The best songs on that album were written on the spot. They spent a lot more time with this one. It has been a long time coming since their 2002 release. They have had to replace members Isaac (guitar) and Ben (bass) and lead singer John Warne and drummer Josh Abbott have been spending a lot of time on their other band Guerilla Rodeo. Its Never Enough was recorded over a year ago and they have been waiting so long on it to come out. This was well worth it.

John Warne's lyrics are excellent, sometimes corny but that only adds to the greatness of the lyrics, and his voice is absolutely amazing! In the song "My Defense" he even hits a high C#. That's impressive.

My favorite song would have to be "Ball & Chain". This is a great melodic song with unexpected twists and turns. I was also impressed with the song "Make It Right" which sounds like a B-side to a Red Hot Chili Peppers album, possibly even good enough to be on one of their albums! But the vocals don't sound much like something by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This brand of guitar-driven power punk is something that you have to have. It doesn't get much better than this when it comes to Christian "punk". But unfortunately, the Christian music industry doesn't pay much attention to bands like Ace Troubleshooter and will never get the credit they deserve... unless Tooth & Nail decides to promote them mainstream.