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Via Audio

Via Audio (2004)

Kill Normal

The first song on this EP blew me away. After I was listening to it, I was ready to give this record an 8. With the doubled male/female vocals, keyboard lines, simple drums, clicking noises in the background (which are totally sweet) and the drop out at 2:15, this song is pure harmonic honey. It's layered and tasty and poppy and great. Something you can just chill out to. Sort of reminiscent of The Sea and Cake. But herein lies the problem. The whole CD doesn't sound like the first song.

"Mouth Shut" feels like a Broken Social Scene rip-off, only not as good. Missing from the rest of the CD are the doubled vocals that I liked so much in the first track. This is interesting, and written well with sections of 3/4 and 5/4 time. And that's where it ends. It doesn't keep me interested. It doesn't make me say, "Hot Damn!" I probably would like it a lot more if track one, "Developing Active People," wasn't as good as it is.

"If They Find Me" is a straight 4/4 attempt at something sort of rock-outish. It's really bland and leaves you feeling like you took a bite out of 4 week old Walleye that was sitting in the fridge. Of course, if you're not from Minnesota, I just realized I wasted a very good analogy. In short: tastes like bad fish.

"Our Lies Your Smile" starts with a cool beat in the background and one of the most annoying line played on the bells. And it's repeated over throughout the song. Gets. On. My. Nerves.

"Setup" is long. Over seven minutes, actually. It's slower and has a nice groove. I like it, but again, doesn't live up to track one. It also sounds like it could've been written by The Corrs or some mainstream band like that.

"The Perfect Fix" starts with a killer electronica beat and distorted vocals. It carries itself in the same vein as track one, and definitely gives this EP a redeeming quality to it.

In the end, this is just full of filler. If this band can write songs as good the first one, I'd like them a lot more. And I'd give this CD an 8. But sadly, a 6 is all it can get from me. You can stream their entire EP on their website if you want.