Champion - Count Our Numbers (Cover Artwork)


Count Our Numbers (2002)

Bridge 9

If you're a fan of hardcore, theres a good chance that you've heard of Champion, but have never actually heard them. You owe it to yourself to check them out, because their infectious sing alongs and energy are well worth your time.

Seattle's Champion have been playing their brand of straightedge hardcore since '99, and with this, their second release, they expanded their fanbase, and more than pleased the current one. Taking the best parts of old school youth crew, and throwing in newer elements, they've developed a sound that helps them stand out from the pack. At 6 songs (5 originals, and a cover), its not very long, but its great while it lasts. The recording is excellent, and the guitars sound great in particular, with really strong back-up vocals accompanying each track.

This is hardcore with heart, and its actually fun. It usually makes me feel like breaking something everytime I listen to it, because the energy on this EP is contagious. If you like old school or straightedge hardcore, this is a band you need to hear.

MP3 - The Decline