Lagwagon - Let's Talk About Feelings (Cover Artwork)


Let's Talk About Feelings (1999)

Fat Wreck Chords

The Backfuckboy

I've been a fan of Lagwagon for some time now and when I saw that people were reviewing other Lagwagon albums I felt like I had to review a Lagwagon album too before there weren't any left to review.

The album starts off with "After you my friend" which is an instant classic and by far the best track on the album. The thing I've always admired Lagwagon for is the way they can mix a superfast song with lyrics and harmonies that make it sound... beautiful (?) (I know that sounded kinda wierd but that's how I see it)

The album changes between fast and mid-tempo songs. Every song here is great and the album is very melodic. The album is very different than Trashed and Duh. It's softer but I would still say that it's just as good. I just really want Derrick back because he's a better drummer!!!

One bad thing about this album is that it runs a little short at only 25:27 min. but since all the songs rule I'm able to forgive them.

One final thing. I want to ask You (yes YOU) if that story about the concert in Brazil is true? I guess it could have been because they had some fight or something. I mean they've always had a rep as a band that has a lot of fights. I dunno.

Oh, buy this album. You won't be sorry.