To See You Broken - A Thief, A Poet, An Enemy (Cover Artwork)

To See You Broken

A Thief, A Poet, An Enemy (2003)



What the hell is up with girls and thinking they can play cohesive hardcore? You don't see guys trying to be like Ani Difranco. Well, actually, you do, and everyone makes fun of them. But anyway, To See You Broken is a hardcore band from the west coast comprised of all chick members. The singer has the most annoying voice ever, and the background music the rest of the band makes sounds like its coming from a bunch of 15 year olds. But, it's actually kinda good once you stop wanting to kick the singer in the face, which takes about as long as it does to convince your best friend to shave off all your pubic hair for you.

Also, this is probably the #1 pretentious hardcore record of the year. The lyrics are funny as hell (the singer trying to be smart or something) and the album tite is almost as pukeworthy as some of the worse indie rock that came out last year. "Purchasing an Image" would be cool if it were sung by a guy. Oreos are cool, and I'm eating them now. It's much more interesting to stare at the design on an Oreo than it is to listen to this band. At least the Oreo doesn't want to kill you by poisoning your food with cyanide.

RIYL: Um, if you like anything good, you probably won't like this. If you listen to shit like Team Dresch and Bikini Kill, you might like this because it will sound cool coming out of your shitty flower car while you sweat in your lame-ass bandana. Hippie feminist man-hater.