Captain Everything! - It's Not Rocket Science. (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Captain Everything!

It's Not Rocket Science. (2003)

Household Name

For a few listens, London's Captain Everything! provide super upbeat , melodic skate punk not far from the likes of someone like Pulley. With nicely traded-off vocals, an album that clocks in at just under half an hour, and the customary exclamation point in their name, they're obviously having plenty of fun. But I can't say the good times will still be reflected in the listener's mood after several listens. The third full-length from the three-piece, It's Not Rocket Science. (with its very indie-rock cover art), gets old real quick. By the time the last track, "Play Faster," rolls around, the band has already ironically delved into a bit of power-pop to help close it out, which could either be clever genre-hopping or just plain laziness. Several tracks earlier, the flow of the album is absolutely mauled by "…," which is basically thirty seconds of footage from the band's apparently earlier days in a rehearsal space. It's flat-out pointless and in the least should've been stuck at the end as a hidden track after several minutes of silence. It's Not Rocket Science. is pretty self-explanatory. While it's nothing new, it isn't bad by any means, but it really lacks lasting value. MP3
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