None More Black/The Loved Ones - live in Washington, DC (Cover Artwork)
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None More Black / The Loved Ones

live in Washington, DC (2004)

live show

I don't drive to DC much anymore. Maybe it's my job's long hours, or getting older, or just getting lazier; but during the week it takes something special to get me off my ass and into my truck for almost 2 hours on the highway from Richmond to DC....

So yeah, 3 of 4 members of Kid Dynamite in the 2 bands on one bill? Giddy-fucking-up.

The Loved Ones. Interesting. I missed them in Philly when they opened for the Souls and kicked myself several times since for doing so. I wasn't going to do that again. I arrived about 1/2 hour early, just enough time to have 2 Bud's and walk to the backstage area of the Black Cat, which is where a lot of smaller bands play.

The Loved Ones were just setting up. I'd seen all of their members in previous bands like Paint It Black, Kid Dynamite, the Curse and Trial By Fire; so one would be lead to have a pretty good idea of their sound right? Nupe. Their sound is more traditional rock, fused with simple punk power chords, and amazing melodies. Front man Dave Hause's vocal delivery is crisp, snarling, and at the same time bursting with harmony, very much like Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music.

Musically, the band could be compared to the likes of Ann Beretta, or as previously mentioned Hot Water Music....simply rock n' roll, raw with punk tendencies. The set itself was nothing short of being incredibly tight. Not exactly the type of music to have you running in circle pits, but upbeat enough to have you tapping your foot along, and undoubtedly when these guys blow up, many will also be singing along.

As None More Black were finishing setting up, Jay began his almost trademark soundcheck. "Check 1, 2, whoooooooooooah!"...awesome. I love that snarl. The guys quickly had their shit ready and launched right into "Everyday Balloons". Immediately you could see the difference with Dave "I play in 500 fucking bands" Wagenschutz completely wrecking shop on the drums. I honestly can't think of another drummer that hits the skins as hard as him.

After leading into "Dinner's For Suckers", I realized that it was a little difficult to hear Jay's voice. I was hoping for an adjustment on the vocals, but then I realized that Dave is just so god damn brutal on those drums, it almost drowns out Jay. Regardless, the set was great. Consisting of tracks from 'File Under Black', highlights included the previously mentioned 2, "Ice Cream with the Enemy", "The Ratio of People to Cake", "Bizarro Me", and one of my favorites "Never Heard of Corduroy" (how the fuck can people rag on this song?)

Ending the set was the group's contribution to the first installment of the 'Rock Against Bush' series, the opener on the comp; "Nothing To Do When You're Locked Away In A Vacancy".

To summarize, 2 great bands, $ can't beat that with a wiffle ball bat.