Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Heaven Shall Burn

Antigone (2004)


The other day I thought to myself, "What's an element that's always missing from metal that I'd one day love to see incorporated?" I then placed the bacon, egg, and cheese Hot Pocket onto the desk table and said aloud, "Fun," when what should happen other than the latest full-length from German death metal act Heaven Shall Burn falls into my lap courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service. More like, "Heaven shall fall into my lap with an answered prayer!" Eliciting comparisons such as At the Gates and In Flames, you know these guys are just out looking to have a good time. Song titles like "Architects of the Apocalypse" and "Voice of the Voiceless" proves that Heaven Shall Burn strays from both clichés and taking themselves too seriously. The string orchestra and accompanying piano in the closing track to this album are what horns are to ska; they're simply here to lighten the mood! It's like cotton candy, clowns, and a day at the ballpark all rolled into one! I can only imagine the gleaming smile on the drummer's face as he pounds his double bass into oblivion, and the head-bobbing theatrics of the dual-guitar attack as they noodle away. The only thing you'll want to do hearing these interlaced, dramatic growls is dance it up, that's for sure. [For those looking for a serious review, this is half-decent European death metal mixed with American metalcore that is absolutely killed by how overdramatic the band is. The end.] MP3
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