Takaru - There Can Only Be None (Cover Artwork)
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There Can Only Be None (2004)


Metalcore needs saving, that's for sure. There seems to be a glut of bands offering nothing but the same tripe over and over again. I know, you've heard this intro a billion times, and you're getting ready to click on something else, because shit, it's metalcore! But wait, look at the label. Alone Records has a reputation for putting out music that is not only aggressive and pissed off, but also challenging and intelligent. In keeping with this tradition, Takaru play with raw emotion and actually focus on real issues rather than whining about some girl who once looked at them at a show.

Fronted by two vocalists, Takaru wastes no time with formalities, immediately crushing the listener with a wall of sound. But these guys aren't just playing breakdowns and grunting about getting stabbed in the back, they play with a purpose, as well as melody, it's just in small doses. While not quite as chaotic as some of their labelmates, the influence of bands such as Usurp Synapse can be heard throughout the record. Takaru keeps the technicality, but never delves into the realm of excessive guitar wankery or random mosh parts that serve no purpose. The overall dark, angry feel of the record is summed up well in the lyrics, which provide commentary on everything from the homogenization of businesses to linguistics. A good example of this can be found is the song "I'm A Manarchist, Baby": "community: it's more than who you fuck next week, equality: it's not just an abstract concept in zines or a pickup line." Along with the lyrics, the band also offers up an indepth description of the inspiration behind each song.

People will undoubtedly state that this band has that "Alone Records sound," and they do, but the also have their own personality. This is an excellent record, and one that will hopefully spark a more of a no frills approach in years to come. This is a band that has something to say, something that actuality matters. The lyrics are idealistic in nature, but never fail to also address the realities of the situation. Although the band's indictment of how things are is brutally honest, their view of how to make things better is just as prominent. Alone Records has once again put out a top notch release, and yet another band that will leave your ears ringing. If you like your music fast, angry, and honest, you should give this a listen.