Never Heard Of It - 11 Days (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Never Heard Of It

11 Days (2004)


You know those silly modern teen movies that strive so hard to be the next American Pie? Those redundant films that show a group of attractive friends graduating from high school during the opening scene, which fades into the HUGE party that night that EVERYONE has been invited to. Hot girls, dancing, beer, beer, beer, and an unbearable pop-punk band playing on a stage in the backyard. How come the cops never break up these damn things?

Anyways, Never Heard of It (NHOI) is that band.

They're boring, uninspired, and don't possess a pinch of originality in their veins. Steve Gryphon (Avril Lavigne, Sugarcult, Lisa Marie Presley) produced this hunk of garbage…what makes you think these guys are really a "punk" band?

Opening up 11 Days is a loud, catchy pop-punk wonder, "Let's Go All The Way" pleads to be played between Bowling For Soup and Jessica Simpson on the "Top Eight @ 8:00." You can't even tell when the songs switch as "Hard Headed" begins, it sounds identical to the previous one, only with a signature Good Charlotte breakdown and some "Na Na Na's" ala Blink 182. "This Is Goodbye" seriously sounds like a cover song from Punk Goes Pop, but no these guys actually wrote this and are proud of it. Their press release beams like their 12 year old fan base's nipples on a chilly winter's night boasting their "accomplishments" which range from providing burritos to the bands at Warped Tour '03 and owning a 35' RV.

By the time I got to track four I couldn't take it anymore! These guys rip off every damn cliché in the genre. If Simple Plan wasn't already rolling in the Benjamin's they banked off of MTV I'm sure they could sue NHOI flat out for plagiarism. If you see this in a store, look away. If this makes its way on to MTV one day, hold your years and close your eyes. If someone offers you this disc to review for a zine, turn and run as fast as you can!