Dynamite Boy - Dynamite Boy (Cover Artwork)
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Dynamite Boy

Dynamite Boy (2004)


Plain and simple, Dynamite Boy plays mostly-throwaway pop-punk that probably wouldn't interest you in the least. As the band self-titles their fourth full-length, the press release states, "The album is filled with radio singles and will be their most accessible release to date." I'm afraid I can't dispute the claim. The songs aren't exactly sugary sweet, but the choruses contain a pop content not exactly suited for the diabetic in your life. The lead vocalist has a confident voice for the style they're playing, at least, but that style isn't interesting. It's nothing new, and it's not even bold; it's incredibly predictable, and held back at all times. Dynamite Boy actually reminds me a lot of somewhat recent Fearless signees Sugarcult's first effort. For some odd reason, the intro of the second track "Satellite" sounds suspiciously like the opening riff of "I Believe in a Thing Called Love." The potential of a cheesy dime a dozen act ripping off another cheesy dime a dozen act doesn't shock me, though. Plus, if you can't guess upon first listen where every hook, every vocal rise, every chorus line is exactly placed in the opener "Suspended Animation," then you're probably just an unlucky guesser at worst. "Zap," which Dynamite Boy contributed to last year's Fearless promo sampler, is probably the best song here. Blah. STREAM THE ENTIRE ALBUM