Beastie Boys - To The 5 Boroughs (Cover Artwork)
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Beastie Boys

To The 5 Boroughs (2004)


19:39:52 Fatty B: so i got the new bestie boys album off a friend
19:39:58 Fatty B: i'm not sure what i think yet
19:40:12 Fuzzy: from what i've heard. i enjoy their intense love of NY
19:40:19 Fatty B: haha
19:40:25 Fatty B: they certainly to heart the ny
19:40:50 Fatty B: the beats are kind of odd though
19:40:59 Fuzzy: i would imagine so
19:41:07 Fuzzy: i watched a video of them, like a promo one
19:41:12 Fuzzy: its a mini/mock interview
19:41:18 Fuzzy: i think they've finally gone old jew insane
19:41:21 Fatty B: they're a little to "frenetic" for the beastie boys previous product
19:41:44 Fatty B: like they got a lot of hits
19:41:53 Fatty B: highly reverby hits
19:42:04 Fatty B: and fast hi-hat patterns
19:42:09 Fuzzy: hmm
19:42:15 Fuzzy: i can deal with that
19:42:28 Fatty B: it doesn't sound like standard "laid back punk funk" adrock kinda beats
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19:44:32 Fatty B: like they still make me wanna get on the floor and patty duke it, do the smurf and the broom and all, but...
19:45:03 Fatty B: but i'm one funky brotha, so everyone elses mileage may vary
19:45:17 Fuzzy: i'd imagine i'll love it
19:45:23 Fuzzy: they really have never done any wrong by me
19:45:24 Fatty B: like hammer, i'm the funky head hunter justin
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19:45:29 Fatty B: nope
19:46:03 Fatty B: it's definitely good, but it's by far from immediate i think
19:46:17 Fuzzy: that probably makes it a lot better
19:46:45 Fuzzy: when clint and i were at lalo's Edge breakin party, Super Disco Breakin came on and i was all like "shiiiiit" and clint was like "wats this"
19:46:53 Fuzzy: and i was like "shit nigga, don't play me like that"
19:47:01 Fuzzy: and he was like "sorry, i'm white and lanky"
19:47:06 Fatty B: true
19:47:45 Fatty B: this track is really good
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19:49:15 Fuzzy: the thing is, i think the majority of people will diss it
19:49:23 Fuzzy: because that's the scenester thing to do now
19:49:32 Fuzzy: since indie hop is taking off with white kids
19:49:36 Fatty B: diss the beastie boys?
19:49:53 Fuzzy: yeah
19:50:01 Fatty B: what kind of scenester would dare diss the boys?
19:50:09 Fuzzy: the kind that don't care bout music
19:50:11 Fatty B: like, don't they know that's there ancestors
19:50:11 Fuzzy: just image
19:50:27 Fatty B: like shit, i mean, so much of hipster culture is so beastie boys
19:50:38 Fatty B: and i'm talking like circa 92 beastie boys
19:50:43 Fatty B: ain't no new thing
19:50:51 Fuzzy: oh yeah
19:51:01 Fuzzy: i know
19:51:05 Fuzzy: which is why they'll diss it
19:51:06 Fatty B: that's so sad
19:51:13 Fuzzy: scenesters are postmodern man
19:51:15 Fatty B: god i hate scenesters
19:51:16 Fuzzy: tearing down their history
19:51:21 Fuzzy: and rebuilding it as they see fit
19:51:22 Fatty B: it's like hip, only more transient
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19:51:39 Fatty B: it's like social butterfly hipsters
19:51:45 Fatty B: adhd hipsters
19:52:10 Fuzzy: haha
19:52:50 Fatty B: we'll see, i'm sure pitchfork will/has reviewed the album
19:53:02 Fuzzy: oh man
19:53:07 Fuzzy: i cant even imagine the idiocy
19:53:09 Fatty B: and most of "the kids" ("those kids") will let that be their opinion
19:53:35 Fatty B: fuckin pitchfork
19:53:37 Fuzzy: yeah
19:53:45 Fuzzy: its so obnoxoius
19:53:55 Fatty B: do i hate thee or buddy head more, i'm so emotionally conflicted
19:54:09 Fuzzy: i enjoy buddyhead at least
19:54:12 Fuzzy: they're funny
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19:54:21 Fuzzy: and don't seem to think they're serious journalists
19:54:29 Fuzzy: pitchfork takes themselves VERY seriously
19:54:33 Fatty B: well, in that kind of "titty, hehe, we got to say titty" kind of way
19:54:40 Fuzzy: ahah
19:54:44 Fatty B: and far be it from me to knock such a style
19:54:57 Fatty B: i have mined it's fertile fields from time to time
19:55:05 Fatty B: but, you know, i'm clever at least
19:55:11 Fatty B: ;);)
19:55:35 Fuzzy: haha
19:55:36 Fuzzy: kind of
19:55:54 Fatty B: you know what this album feels like
19:56:19 Fatty B: cookie pussy era beastie boys, with better technology
19:56:53 Fuzzy: hahah
19:57:00 Fuzzy: man, that means it's super awesome
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19:57:05 Fatty B: hehe
19:57:09 Fatty B: i think it may be
19:57:47 Fuzzy: its one release i'm okay with waiting till it's released for
19:57:49 Fatty B: it's kind of almost got a run dmc rock box feel too
19:58:05 Fatty B: like, 808s all over the place, but a permutable style
19:58:33 Fatty B: "cross-genre" if you will, "rap rock" if you must
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19:59:41 Fuzzy: we need to send this convo in somewhere as a review
19:59:51 Fatty B: you know, i think i might like this more than hello nasty
20:00:22 Fatty B: hello nasty was good, but a times it kind of wore on like a really good band that wasn't trying it's hardest
20:00:37 Fuzzy: i can appreciate that assessment
20:00:42 Fuzzy: even though its really fucking awesome
20:00:47 Fatty B: yeah it is
20:01:00 Fatty B: could have used some pruning though
20:01:04 Fuzzy: like, its got a lot of songs that actually raise me to my seat
20:01:07 Fuzzy: yeah, exactly
20:01:10 Fuzzy: its got some filler on it
20:01:21 Fatty B: there was a little too much b-side/filler material floating about on it
20:01:36 Fuzzy: man, we're fucking music journalists, without any cred
20:01:42 Fatty B: haha
20:01:51 Fatty B: fuck unsolicited and shit
20:02:15 Fatty B: uninsured journalist-terrorists on the loose
20:02:17 Fatty B: fuck
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20:02:38 Fatty B: now the nca's got us
20:02:46 Fatty B: i through up a flag word
20:02:53 Fuzzy: haha
20:03:09 Fatty B: we're gonna be convicted of thought crime under the patriot act for sure
20:03:11 Fuzzy: when i move to san fran, let's do music journalism spider jerusalem style
20:03:24 Fatty B: sweet
20:03:34 Fuzzy: we can just burst into places
20:03:35 Fatty B: oh, i finally read the final trade by the by
20:03:39 Fuzzy: and be like "WHY DO YOU SUCK"
20:03:42 Fatty B: it was good
20:03:43 Fuzzy: isnt it good?
20:03:51 Fatty B: but not like amazing or nothing
20:04:05 Fuzzy: i enjoyed it the most out of all the "modern" comics that have ended
20:04:09 Fatty B: but, i don't think it was a story that need a "BIG" finish
20:04:11 Fuzzy: like, sandman, preacher, etc
20:04:18 Fuzzy: it needed a real finish
20:04:23 Fatty B: yah